AHS Hotel: Chutes and Ladders (S5E2) Recap

You are not an artist you just have big emotions


This week’s episode of AHS was chock-full of plot reveals, character introductions, horror and sex so let’s dig right in.

It starts with a synthesized beating heart as Sally looks out a window in a room at the Cortez. She looks back toward the bed and we see that the mattress has been cut open and stitched back together (like the mattress in the first episode). Fingers are sticking out of the stitching and it’s fairly obvious who’s they are. She walks over to finish her work and, of course, it’s poor Gabriel in the mattress. His head isn’t sewn in yet so she bends down and it looks like she’s going to kiss him. But instead she just breathes into his face and he takes this big gasping breath. She tells him something about how he can’t cheat death then she kisses him. She’s quite melancholy as she’s doing all this, on the verge of tears. I assume it’s more self pity than empathy for Gabriel because then pushes his face down into the mattress to finish sewing him in.


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