Hannibal: Tome-Wan (S2E12), or What The Fuck Did I Just Watch?




Mason. Mr. Verger if you’re nasty.

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Hannibal: Su-Zakana (S2E8)




So this week I want to begin by looking at what this episode excluded. Su-zakana returned the series back to it’s main plotline, the give and take between Will and Hannibal. Yakimono was like a sledgehammer in terms of major and shocking developments. But then this week leaves us hanging. I’m not opposed to this at all, I think it’s important to take time to build up other aspects of the story and not overload the episodes with action. But do you think there was more significance to the choice to leave out Miriam’s and Chilton’s fates than that?

I suspect part of it has to do with hooking Hannibal. I think we’re only going to know as much as he is. The lives of those two characters have major implications for his future and the show. Like it or not, Hannibal is both one of the protagonists and the antagonists


Surprise! I looked up the meaning of su-zakana! Apparently it’s a small dish, usually palette cleanser. So I think this episode was just that, a palette cleanser. It was very much about re-establishing Jack, Hannibal and Will’s relationships with each other. And I think it was very important to do that before continuing on with the big, overarching plot. Enough had happened that these men’s relationships have been affected, and it was good that the show stopped for a moment to show that to us.

I also think that after that initial fishing scene with Jack and Will, we’re going to be stuck in the dark about their plans. I like how now it’s Hannibal who’s possibly getting played after the previous two episodes which have been all about Hannibal’s plan. At the end of the episode, where Will was about to shoot that other psychopath, I couldn’t help wonder if he was just playing Hannibal, there. Was Will really going to shoot that guy? Or was he just pretending to see how Hannibal reacted? I mean, Hannibal did give quite a bit away at the end of that episode. We realise he’s trying to make Will into a killer, but specifically to try to kill him.

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Hannibal Recap: Hassun (s2E3)



This episode in some ways was a lot more straightforward than most. We knew it would be all about the trial. But I still think they managed to keep it interesting. It was my least favourite episode of the season because I had clear expectations, but it was by no means a weak one.

I really like the utilization of dream sequences/hallucinations for Will. I’m glad that carried over from the last season. It’s still not clear what exactly is his imagination and what is the effect of previous or even current illness. What did it mean when he electrocuted himself? Why did it reverse so it could be done once again? I think it has something to do with the fact that if his plan fails him he could end up being his own executioner. Especially with his accusations of Hannibal. What do you think?


That opening juxtaposition of Will and Hannibal getting dressed was total fan service. I wish we had seen them a little less clothing for a little longer. Thankfully all the Fannibals on tumblr seized the opportunity to meme that shit up.



Speaking of fan service, in some ways that was what the trial was to Hannibal. Having his accomplishments paraded out for everyone to be appalled by, indirectly being called “the smartest person in the room” (he couldn’t even conceal his pleasure). What were your thoughts on the trial?

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AHS Hotel: Room Service (S5E5)



Hello and welcome back to the beginning of the end of Alex having meaningful plot lines!

I mean there are some interesting things to come because of her actions, but I don’t feel like her character has a chance to shine anymore. I was not a fan of Alex suddenly throwing her life away to go vamp. Like I know she loves her son but can’t she be her own woman and not just Sad Mom?! Plus her daughter is still around. I don’t know. No matter what she looks like not the greatest parent (not that women are obligated to be the best) and not the most well written character anymore.

So she’s doing her doctor thang post-Countess breast, like taking her temperature to try to quantify the differences and TREATING PATIENTS even though she just did something real wacky. We get some cool close up shots on Sevigny’s face and then some weird blurry shots from her perspective. She’s in the hospital to try to treat anti-vaxx mom’s dying son, and she’s about to make more real wacky decisions because I guess that’s who she is now? Why did she go from clear-headed doctor to this? Not that her character can’t have layers, ¬†but I don’t feel like the transition or her emotional struggle was captured particularly well.

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AHS Hotel: Chutes and Ladders (S5E2) Recap

You are not an artist you just have big emotions


This week’s episode of AHS was chock-full of plot reveals, character introductions, horror and sex so let’s dig right in.

It starts with a synthesized beating heart as Sally looks out a window in a room at the Cortez. She looks back toward the bed and we see that the mattress has been cut open and stitched back together (like the mattress in the first episode). Fingers are sticking out of the stitching and it’s fairly obvious who’s they are. She walks over to finish her work and, of course, it’s poor Gabriel in the mattress. His head isn’t sewn in yet so she bends down and it looks like she’s going to kiss him. But instead she just breathes into his face and he takes this big gasping breath. She tells him something about how he can’t cheat death then she kisses him. She’s quite melancholy as she’s doing all this, on the verge of tears. I assume it’s more self pity than empathy for Gabriel because then¬†pushes his face down into the mattress to finish sewing him in.


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